Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Over? Did You Say 'Over'?

'Concerned American' posted this over at Western Rifle Shooters Association

So the marxists won another battle in their campaign to destroy and loot America.
They just destroyed the last vestiges of the Constitution. Health Care was just a 'cherry on top'.
Marxists abuse the law as a means to render it worthless. And to remind us that they are above the law.
And that we could ignore the law too, if only we would join them.

They are sacking and looting pensions, financial institutions, automobile industry, businesses, individuals, corporations, insurance industry, and health care industry.

"They Won!" several battles with only light resistance from the natives.
"They're just animals, I guess"

So is it over?

"What? Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is!"

"When the going get's tough...." (the jury is still out on this generation)

from Doc Zero:
"...it could be the first overture in a rebirth of our commitment to freedom, and the last gasp of an exhausted statist ideology, long overdue for its disposal in the waste bin of history.

"You are an American, and through a dereliction of their duty as elected representatives, the Democrats have forced you to choose whether you will retain the full measure of the honor and dignity your Constitution asserts for you.

"Freedom is not a gift. It is not given to you by the government, in a precise dosage that can be adjusted to match a politician’s diagnosis of what ails the body politic. Your forefathers won an impossible Revolution against an invincible foe to declare the self-evident truth that your rights descend from your Creator. Whether that Creator is a transcendent God, or a random combination of genetic material in the primordial soup, it is a power that existed before the first king assumed his throne, or the first president was elected. Liberty burns in your imagination, flows through your veins, and rings through your words."

"Tonight, the Democrat Party declares war on the American middle class.

"Sometimes freedom demands that you do the incredible to preserve it."
Make it so.

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laceyLibertarian said...

Wonderful post. Cheers.

-- Mark (South Puget Sound Libertarian)