Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pirates Grab the Internets

Freedom of the seas is vital. But, from time to time, Pirates rise up and claim dominion over a part of the sea. Freedom, property, free trade, capitalism, and liberty depend on the seas; and therefore our western civilization rises up to beat back evil pirates.

Enemy combatants, during times of economic war, would try to shut down the sea 'lines of communication' and commerce. "What used to be My Navy" fought to keep those lines of communication and commerce open, and to sink those who would try to submarine our nations' cargo.

Like physical 'lines of communication' over the high seas; modern commerce, captialism, and liberty rely on open lines of communication via the internet.

Blockading the internet is an act of Piracy: Taking, stealing at gun point what does not 'belong' to the Pirate.

Embarrased by Truths posted on open communication channels, Pirates now claim control of what previously was free and open. Who the HELL do they think they are!?

Piratical Tyrannts claimed possession of the internets this week.
They only allow to pass, what they deem ok to pass.
Everyone's packages will be opened and inspected.
The Pirates demand Jizyah to be paid in acknowledgement of their raw power.
Questioning their power leads to being designated a 'person of interest', targetted for extra subjugation.

History oft repeated: Pirates were a huge problem for the west, when Muslim Pirates in the Mediterranean interferred with commerce, and ignored the sovereignty, liberty, and property of others. Bitching does not make Pirates go away. Begging does not make Pirates go away. Pirates demand bribes, to acknowledge their power over you. Similar to a Chicago Mob protection racket. Get in their way, and they will kill you. Fail to pay tribute, and they will kill you.

What did all-american Mr Jefferson do?
He sent fighting men (USMC and Navy) to kill the Pirates, routing out their means of power, destroying their strongholds and the villages of all who support them.

The Brits interrupted the Pirate killing for a few years during the war of 1812, after which Madison sent the Marines to finish off the Pirates.

America doesn't stand for Pirates who steal and blockade lines of communication.
We hunt them down and kill them, and eliminate those who support/empower them.
Then we live free. And we are prosperous.

Russia deals with Pirates directly.

Freedom of the Seas. Freedom of Speech. Free Lines of Communication.
Except in war- Then it is vital to block your enemy's lines of communication.
So why is the FCC getting ready to block ours?!? Because the FCC views "we the people" as their 'enemy'.

Transparent plan.
Brute force.
What to do?


As an ex-squid, and as a sailor ("the wind is free")-- I hate Pirates.
In previous times, 'what used to be my Navy' wiped Pirates from the seas, ruthlessly.
May we as a nation, grow the stones to do what must be done, again, for modern day Pirates.
Foreign, and Domestic.


Free Lines of Communication

'Diaspora' is a distributed P2P private network where separate computers connect to each other directly using secure protocols (PGP), without going through a central server of some sort. It is 'in development', but much easier to install and use since the Thanksgiving update. Diaspora is a loabor of love of a few college kids taking some time off, to do 'the right thing'.

What others are saying

What the folks at Diaspora are saying

Diaspora Website (for non-IE browsers) Preview. Download. Join. Experiment.


For browsers, consider bypassing ICANN

Promising Sundial browser using TLDs

other options? Bueller?


And yes, we all know that the embarrassing leaks du jour are the works of a well known communist sympathizer, who is out to damage our country. It's a Reichstag fire by a known collaborator. A manufactured crisis, intended to lead to this specific outcome: The taking of our lines of communication.

NRA robo-called Today

Picked up the phone... click.. click.. click.. click.. pause.. "Hello?" [robo-call indication]
Nice guy wanted to talk to me about the NRA and all the good work they're doing.
"And this call is recorded for quality assurance."

I talked to him about Gun Owners of America, Heller, and asked why the NRA was always in bed with the enemies of the 2nd Amendment, working to give away our rights just so the NRA could get 'most favored whore' status. I asked him if NRA stood for "Not Relevant Anymore".

Civil conversation and he was making his points too. He was sincere about 2A, and I commended him for his efforts. And I tried to get him to see that the NRA was not his friend. Then he asked for the $$$.

I told him that I was with Charlton Heston on this: The only way the NRA would get money from me would be
... from my cold dead hands.

At that point, he hung up.

I'm glad they record calls; and I hope they replay mine, over and over.
Maybe some will understand.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Stalin Wants Control Over Food

Anyone think 'food czar' is a frightening concept?
Ask a Ukranian.
Ask the Chinese.

Why is this critical to push through now, during the lame duck session? What is the imminent crisis?
It's the take-over of another industry.
It's a massive increase in the size of a federal agency.
It's a lot of new money, when INCREASING the budget seems like a bad idea.

But this is so much more.
Historically, this is 'how it's done'.