Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mr.Podesta: Cross the Bridge. America is Rallying on the Other Side.

Anyone calling for the violence from 'progressives' to stop?


99.44% of individual/small group political related violence in America has been from the left. Check the numbers (not the hype).

In the 20th century, three times as many people were killed by their own collectivist governments than were killed in all wars combined; 120 million citizens killed within their own countries. The propensity to violence is deep seated within the leftist psyche: killing people 'for their own good'.

Now John Podesta is openly calling for Obama to act by fiat against the will of the American people, to use executive orders and the military against the American people. ! ! !

It's like 1775, when the Torries misunderestimated the response.
"I am of his opinion that when once these rebels have felt a smart blow, they will submit; and no situation can ever change my fixed resolution, ..."
- Letter from King George III to Lord Sandwich
Which sounds like what John Podesta is saying. They will act out their violent fantasies.
They will press onto Lexington, and then Concord, and they will cross the Old North Bridge.
America is rallying on the other side.
"The once-happy and peaceful plains of America are either to be drenched in blood or inhabited by slaves. Sad alternative! But can a virtuous man hesitate in his choice?"
-George Washington, upon receiving news of Lexington and Concord
John Podesta offering America a sick choice: be drenched in blood or become his slaves.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Jersey Thinks Rights are Granted by the King

So New Jersey takes exception to TSA abuse. And what do they do?

Are New Jersey State Troopers arresting folks for assault? For sexual harrassment? For violating New Jersey laws?
Are New Jersey Prosecutors indicting TSA officials?


They are conditioned to beg the king.
By asking, they acknowledge that they are powerless as individuals, and only the central has authority. The implicit assumption is that 'rights' are derived by begging the king. They are granting/acknowledging that only czars, lawyers, court jesters, consultants are empowered. Even as they complain, the chains rest lightly upon these New Jersey folks.

And why do we need TSA? Because refuses to end the jihad.

The jihad is barbaric evil, agressively expanding and subjugating new lands.
The jihad is the problem. Ending jihad is the solution.

TSA is not the solution to jihad.
TSA are prison guards for the collective, controlling the movement of prisoners.
That is their purpose.