Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Obvious

A fundamental truth.
"Islam and Communism are incompatible with Western Civilization. It really is that simple."
- anon @ 7:20 am in 'comments' at SipseyStreetIrregulars
It really is that simple.


And, from JohnGaltFla (read the whole thing)
"The Congress will return to session almost immediately after the election and the intelligent voter should be filled with great trepidation. Unlike the Republicans who have been plotting how to carve up their freshly baked power pie, the Democrats and the administration have been designing a systemic attack on our freedoms by planning on the passing and implementation of numerous pieces of legislation previously rejected due to public pressure and long desired by the extremists in power now. The reason the pre-election session did not pass a budget nor appropriations was not because of some mysterious Republican filibuster being held in the men’s room beside the Senate floor. The truth is that the Democrats had a fairly certain determination of the outcome of these elections as early as Labor Day and thus decided to plot the perfect storm to trap the Republicans and complete their agenda. Inserted into omnibus spending acts and defense appropriations will be the largest amount of regulatory whoredom ever witnessed. The design is to force the Republicans into approving the acts or bypass opposing them so they can expand their permanence of an expansive bureaucracy while Americans celebrate the diversions of sport and holiday. A failure or attempt to block any of the Democrat plans will result in chaos by design, with government agencies shutting down and benefits suspended for American citizens, conveniently right before Christmas when they want and need them the most.

"This session of Congress will be anything but lame. It will behave more like a cunning tiger waiting to pounce on its prey and shred it. Everyone feels that after whatever victory occurs next week for those Tea Party candidates and deserving Republicans a call for celebration should be allowed to proceed but I call for increased vigilance. The seven weeks after November 2nd will prove to be consequential, unless of course one elects to imbibe in the victory parades and platitudes which will be the call of the day by the amenable Republicans."
While Treason during the lame duck session should trigger Tar and Feathers and Pitchforks- It will not. Because a gumby nation will watch itself being raped and robbed, again. Darwin might say that America has become too stupid to live.


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cmblake6 said...

Perhaps. Perhaps. But America has been waking and watching. And if they do try this shit, there will be bloody hell to pay.