Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Jersey Thinks Rights are Granted by the King

So New Jersey takes exception to TSA abuse. And what do they do?

Are New Jersey State Troopers arresting folks for assault? For sexual harrassment? For violating New Jersey laws?
Are New Jersey Prosecutors indicting TSA officials?


They are conditioned to beg the king.
By asking, they acknowledge that they are powerless as individuals, and only the central has authority. The implicit assumption is that 'rights' are derived by begging the king. They are granting/acknowledging that only czars, lawyers, court jesters, consultants are empowered. Even as they complain, the chains rest lightly upon these New Jersey folks.

And why do we need TSA? Because refuses to end the jihad.

The jihad is barbaric evil, agressively expanding and subjugating new lands.
The jihad is the problem. Ending jihad is the solution.

TSA is not the solution to jihad.
TSA are prison guards for the collective, controlling the movement of prisoners.
That is their purpose.


Midwest Chick said...

This is theater on the state level. By standing up and making speeches, they actually think they are *doing* something. What they should be doing is passing laws to exempt airports in the state of New Jersey from the TSA and kick 'em right over to New York.

The TSA is optional at this point--airports do not have to use them. There is no reason why the states can't mandate that the don't use them and instead put in private screeners.

Kentucky Turtle said...

Flights of Fancy.


republicanmother said...

Ever wonder why the jihad has not ended?
Why was Bin Laden was let go nine years ago this November when he was virtually surrounded and no serious operation done since to recover him?
Why was the officer who filmed the Fort Hood shooting had his video confiscated never to be seen again?

Why was Anwar Al-Awlaki invited to the Pentagon months after the 9/11 attacks - did they not have their intelligence together by then?

Why was the underwear bomber on that flight with the knowledge of the State Dept (as admitted in congressional testimony) as part "of a bigger operation"? Was that operation to set up a pretext for needing to see/feel the contents of passengers undergarments?

Why did the bomb experts in England say there was no bomb, only to be corrected hours later when President Obama said there was and to adjust their story accordingly?

Why have the survivors and family members of victims of the Cole bombing still not received justice?

Why is our border left open and under attack by lawless drug gangs, which have killed thousands?

Also, if the jihadists are motivated as my government says they are, why haven't they come across this unprotected border with some AKs and start picking off random Americans to create total terror?

These are just some of the questions rattling through my brain as I watch the US descend into tyranny. I can't help but think I've been lied to with extreme prejudice. I think it's about time all Americans start figuring out these answers to these questions if we hope to regain our quickly diminishing freedom.

sofa said...

Cloward-Piven. They are deliberately crashing the system.

The $$$debt is crushing and the laws and courts and functions of government have become so perverted.

So we either accept the new reality -- OR -- reject it:
And put in it's place a government constituted to protect our Life, Liberty, and Property.
A limted government, with specific enumerated powers, with all others reserved for the people.