Monday, December 20, 2010

Awesome: Day by Day 'Civil War Blog'

American Interest is blogging the Civil War!
The blog has daily "updates" from the archives of newspapers as they were originally published 150 years ago, day by day.
So on December 20th 2010, the blog feature articles and editorials that were originally published on December 20th 1860. etc.

December 20th 1860 has President Buchannan dealing with the secession of several states.
Buckle up!

Prepare for interesting times.


Warning: 'American Interest' editorials and essays are frequently pro-Obama pro-Statism-Lenninism, and against traditional American ideals and against many of the traditional 'Liberal' philosophies of Western Civilization as embraced by our founders. The civil war is interesting, even when Marxists and RINOs write about it.

Or at least I hope so.
It would be a shame if marxists try to re-write history, no?

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