Saturday, December 04, 2010

NRA robo-called Today

Picked up the phone... click.. click.. click.. click.. pause.. "Hello?" [robo-call indication]
Nice guy wanted to talk to me about the NRA and all the good work they're doing.
"And this call is recorded for quality assurance."

I talked to him about Gun Owners of America, Heller, and asked why the NRA was always in bed with the enemies of the 2nd Amendment, working to give away our rights just so the NRA could get 'most favored whore' status. I asked him if NRA stood for "Not Relevant Anymore".

Civil conversation and he was making his points too. He was sincere about 2A, and I commended him for his efforts. And I tried to get him to see that the NRA was not his friend. Then he asked for the $$$.

I told him that I was with Charlton Heston on this: The only way the NRA would get money from me would be
... from my cold dead hands.

At that point, he hung up.

I'm glad they record calls; and I hope they replay mine, over and over.
Maybe some will understand.

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