Friday, January 28, 2011

Brightest Blurb on Thursday's Internets

comment by 'Birdman III' at Townhall article by Walter E. Williams
article linked at Western Rifle Shooters Association
At some point a collapse WILL happen. And then there will no longer be any money for anything, Defense, Home Security, Education, SS, Welfare, Medicare, et al. No one will give us any money loans and the well will dry up. The one who happens to be in office at the time will receive the blame. And we will be fair game for any tinpot dictator to walk in and take it all. Who would stop him?

All that oil we can't drill now wili be confiscated to someone else's benefit and the American people will go without. The trees we can't harvest now will be cut down for someone else's warmth and housing and the American people will do without. The coal that we can't mine wil be mined for someone else's use and the American people will do without.

Maybe at that point a new generation of Chino-Americans will wake up and become self-sufficient like our fore-fathers. But it will not save the America we grew old in. That America will cease to exist. And people around the world will cheer and celebrate until the next earthquake or tsunami or volcanie eruption and no one comes to the rescue.

We can bite the bullet now and possibly save the old America or we can let continue under Socialism and die a slow ugly death. You choose America between platitudes or reality. You can serve God and save yourselves or you can choose Man-god, as for me and my family we will serve God.
Me? I think we're past the point of saving 'the old America'. That bus was deliberately driven over the cliff, and sure as gravity and economic principles, it's only a matter of WHEN we crash onto the rocks below.

But it's good that some folks still believe it can be saved. May they be right.

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cmblake6 said...

I believe they are correct, it can be saved. But we're going to have to get on with it. Vitals are falling, but we can stabilize the patient if we act fast. Seal the hole and THEN we can hook up a drip. The alternative is sit by while the patient dies, take a sample, and set up the cloning machines.