Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Are They Unionized Against? Against 'we the people'.

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Tim 2/14/2011

It is really troubling to see what many of you are writing.

I am a private sector employee, lucky to have my job and to be able to feed, clothe and house my wife and four kids - all of which attend a public school. I have a modest income of $50,000 per year gross. Out of this income, I pay 100% of my insurance premiums for my $10,500 family deductible health insurance plan. I have no 401k and pensions haven't existed in my private sector industry for 25+ years. Like many of my coworkers, I have not seen a raise in the past several annual reviews. My company's revenues are down, and we middle class workers share in the down cycle.

My wife and I love the commitment of our kid's school teachers. We help and support them any way we can. But it is so difficult to hear the arguments and disdain against our family by all of you teachers.

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The unions feel that they are entitled to have the rest of us support them.
The more they clarify their feelings about us, the more the nation is revolted by them.

On Meet the Press
There was a referendum on this issue and the unions lost.

The teachers union is compelling society to pay them much more than the median wage and give them a great retirement. Average Wisconsin teacher makes between $80,000.00 and $90,000.00 per year (including benefits) for 39 weeks of work a year with 13 weeks off. Meanwhile, the average Wisconsin resident in the private sector makes $37,398.00 for a full year's work.

Those are the issues: Do the citizens plow for the teachers, or will the teachers agree to work for the citizens?
The elections in Wisconsin were a referendum on cost cutting measures. Does voting work, or is voting now irrelevant (does might now make right, or does corruption make right, or is it voting)?

The Unions have a good ponzi scheme going, and they want to keep the money flowing.
from Redstate
If the union can defeat Scott Walker’s reform plans, not only does it keep the union dues of teachers, it also gets to keep its health insurance monopoly intact.
Watch. Next move? The union will try use force (it's what they do). They already abandoned their jobs to create havoc, to 'show the citizens' their power. Next, goons will be brought in to compel the citizens to plow for them. National level thugs (lawyers, guns, and money) are being bussed in.

How much is this costing Wisconsin? Who should pay for the disruption, lost days, and associated costs? Part of the Union strategy is to explode costs for the State, at a time when the State is vulnerable to budgetary pressure. Turn-about is fair play- Bankrupt the Union, Jail the leadership, and make Public Unions illegal: Who are they organizing against? Against 'we the people'.

What I propose:

1) Wisconsin balances their budget, as best they can. The election was about that, now do it.

2) Walking out from jobs = Firing offense.

3) The Union is creating expense for a State that cannot afford it. Make sure the people of the State know the total cost to the State for this Union strategy. Make it clear that taxes will need to go up to cover the costs, if the Union responsible refuses to pay for expenses associated with their actions.

4) Union responsible for organizing = Repay the people of the State for direct and indirect costs of their protest.

5) National organizations busing in outside agitators? Arrest them locally, and issue warrants for others who support them (Pelosi, Reid, Rahm, Obama, et al).

6) Pass bills nationally, making 'public employee unions' illegal organizations, organized against (what?) the people and/or against the government they are supposed to serve.

*** *** ***

Like Unions, the Ivy League schools depend on Tax Payer money to exist. These "private" schools receive "public money" (my money), for everything from government backed student loans to research grants.

Yet, these schoools now openly hate America and the American people. Why am I forced to pay for them?
We need to keep that in mind when severe budget cuts are necessary... "Ivy League, Delende Est"

Why support a group that actively works to undermine your culture, your history, your civilization; and which supports people and projects and ideologies which are repugnant to Western Civilization and to the Constitution? Their support for Communism and Facism would be examples. Uncivil hatred of America and of Americans, would be another.

It's your money. You get to choose where it gets spent. no?


Divemedic said...

The unions are made up of citizens who wish to use their first amendment right to assemble, so that they may peaceably assemble to petition their government for a redress of grievances. You post that you are a defender of the first amendment:

but propose to punish unions for doing the very same thing. There is no difference between the NRA lobbying for government cheese on behalf of their members, the AARP lobbying for the economic benefit of its members, and public employee's unions lobbying for the benefit of their members.

Or does that protection of free speech only apply to speech that you happen to agree with?

It is a slippery slope, my friend.

sofa said...

Like the Torries in 1770, Nazis in 1940s, Stalinists in 1930s, and KKK Grand Wizards: Unions do have the right to speak.

I propose not to punish them, but to listen when they say they want to enslave me using force of tax collectors.

Enslaving me through taxes- Is still enslaving me.

The more they speak, the more America is hating them. Choosing not to go to work- Is usually a firing offense. Given the budget, fire the absent, and reduce the pay of the rest; and make unions illegal for public workforce. "Who are they organizing against?" The unions are against the good of their communities.

They are trying force, watch how that works.

sofa said...

Speech is not the issue. Their attempt to compel society to pay them 300% of the median wage and give them a great retirement [average Wisconsin teacher makes between $80,000.00 and $90,000.00 per year (including benefits) for 39 weeks of work a year with 13 weeks off. While the average Wisconsin resident in the private sector makes $37,398.00 for a full year's work.]- That's the issue.

I listen to what they say. My response:

I propose holding them accountable for their actions: abondoning classrooms, taking over statehouses, disrupting the functioning of government, trying to bust the state budget, threatening the Govenors son.

I propose punishing them for being organized against the community: A national organization acting against the Constitution and against "we the people".

I propose the teachers pay be taken from them, to compensate everyone else in the state.

I propose punishing them for not being at work, for abandoning the children.

"Do it for the children."

When they were speaking, I don't remember there being a problem.
Am I missing something? Are we supposed to consider their actions as speech? That would be a very slippery slope.