Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

29 March 1911: The US Army formally adopts a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun developed by Mr. John Moses Browing,
US Patent Number 984,519;  and designates it the Model 1911.

The rest ... is history ...

After 100 years, many of Mr. Brownings inventions are still the best at what they do.

Happy 100th Birthday !


Dennis308 said...

I have not shot a better weapon.


Rose said...

LOL! Happy Birthday!

A Texan said...

Just found your blog, and I"kll be a regular.

As it happens, I was born on the 50th anniversary of thew adoption of this magnificent invention, and (obviously) just celebrated my 50th as it celebrated 100 years of service...

...so I do have a special connection with it. One of them is my carry gun.

Keep up the good work.