Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama is Dead. Fellow Travellers Continue his Mission.

Muslims attacked the World Trade Center, Twice: Osama spoke about the need to crash the US economy, so the West would be more vulnerable to the jihad, and so US would be less able to interefere with the Jihad.

Osama is Dead. But fellow travellers continue his mission.
Osama had to sneak a few guys onto planes. Meanwhile, a '5th column' has infiltrated education, courts, business, media, and taken over federal/state/local Government and bureacracies. These domestic enemies continue Osama's work, deliberately crashing the and America; economy, finance, law, industry, even liberty itself.

The current regime in DC is supporting AlQueada and Jihad- Strategically re-shaping the facts on the ground in the middle east, and even go so far as to have the US military openly providing air support for Al Queada in Libya. The current regime also supports the jihad in Dearborn, New York, and the rest of America. When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and supports the jihad like a duck: Then it's a duck.

Fellow travellers with common objectives. Doing the same things for the same reasons.
They want to end you, and your way of life.

update: Osama Obama's military renders full honors to the mental illness they are fighting, bury Bin Laden's body at sea within 24 hours in Keeping With Islamic Tradition! Not even the Saudis would accept bin Laden's body for burial.

update from AP:
Now that he's dead, do we get OUR CONSTITUTION BACK?

Now that he's dead, will our GOVERNMENT STOP MOLESTING OUR CHILDREN, GROPING OUR WIVES, HUMILIATING OUR PEOPLE, and trampling on the Bill of Rights?



Well then, concerning the death of just another jihadi terrorist...I really could care less. It is no victory to kill one man, especially not in a 4GW organization.

bin Laden was a far lesser threat to the American way of life and liberty than is our own government.

The biggest threat is in DC, in unconstitutional searches, in TSA checkpoints, in militarized police. The biggest threat is alive and well. It is not in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Libya, Egypt, Syria, or Iraq.


Midwest Chick said...

Very well said. Except I would say it's us that they want to destroy...

Shy Wolf said...

Yup- the second most dangerous terrorist in the world has reportedly been killed.
Now to get the most dangerous terrorist in the world out of the White House.

cmblake6 said...

Sharp. Razor sharp. Excellent post. And then comes Shy Wolf!