Monday, August 01, 2011

You Maniacs! You blew it up! God Damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Gop re-enables Dem insanity of even more credit.

No one has put it more succinctly than Ann Barnhardt at American Thinker:
h/t WRSA
Back to the $2 Trillion that Obama is being handed. I honestly think that most people in this country have no understanding of simple counting numbers. Do you not understand how much a trillion is? Where do you think this money is going to come from -- who has two trillion dollars to loan us? China? Nope. Not even close. China's entire GDP is only $6 Trillion. Do you honestly think that China is going to loan us one third of their total annual economic production? China was a huge creditor to us back when $100 Billion was considered a staggeringly large amount of money - which was four years ago. Now $100 Billion is literally a rounding error. Do you realize that there are only a handful of nations of this planet that even have a GDP in excess of $2 Trillion? If these countries loaned us every penny of their GDP, it wouldn't even be $2 Trillion:

Canada ($1.57 T)
India ($1.54 T)
Russia ($1.46 T)

Are you starting to understand the scope of what we are talking about now? Obama is going to embezzle considerably more than the entire economic output of Canada, India or Russia to his cronies before the 2012 election -- and that is just counting this round of spending. This doesn't include the other $5 Trillion he has already burned through since 2009.

Obama is the enemy. Obama is a Marxist-Communist usurper and puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Communists who are actively trying to destroy the United States of America. Everything they have done, are doing, and will do has the single goal of collapsing and destroying the U.S. economy, military, constitutional government and culture. What part of "Marxist Revolution" do you not understand?

The Obama regime is not a failure. The Obama regime is not incompetent. The Obama regime has achieved more in two and a half years than anyone could have possibly foreseen. It has debased the currency by 50% of the GDP and guaranteed that our economy will collapse. It has looted the Treasury for more than the size of a top-ten economy and embezzled that wealth into the hands of their fellow Marxists in preparation for the final collapse of the United States. It has ground the economy of the United States to a screeching halt. It has destabilized the entire Muslim world and ensured that there will be a nuclear war centered around Israel within the decade.

The Obama regime has no interest whatsoever in "stimulus" or "getting folks back to work." How can you not understand this? How can we possibly win this war if we refuse to come to terms with the fact that we are in fact fighting a war.
(read the whole thing)

Phoenix Capital Research, via Ol'Remus, via ZeroHedge, summed it up this way:
The monetary interventions, bailouts, and stimulus plans implemented between 2007-2009 were unprecedented. In just three years we spent more money than WWI, WWII, and the New Deal combined... Please note, they DID NOT pay off the debt or let the entities default (solutions that would have SOLVED the problem)...
We are living in historic times: A marxist coup as everyone stood watching, and wondering if anyone was going to do anything to stop them.

Pete at WRSA posted this image a while back...
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Brock Townsend said...

Right on, as usual and posted.

Comrade Misfit said...

Obama is being handed $2.1 trillion

Really. That completely ignores any discussion of the budgeting process and absolves teh Republicans, who do control the House of Representatives, of any responsibility.

Presidents can only spend what the Congress authorizes. Maybe the Congress ought to, you know, just do their damned Constitutionally-mandated job.

(By the way: Where were you conservatives when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush tripled the federal debt and when George W. Bush more than doubled it yet again? Where were you guys when Dick Cheney sad something along the lines of "Reagan proved that deficits don't matter"? I don't recall you guys raising a peep about any of that, other than maybe Ron Paul.)

sofa said...

Dem + GOP = Two wings of the same party, historically, regarding the growth of the state and the debt to fuel it's growth.

Obama brings a new dynamic however, in his haterd of western civilization and his success at destroying the foundations of it.

Where was I back when? Bitching that Americans could be so stupid.
Where am I now? Bitching that Americans could be so stupid to give fuel to a marxist who is burning down our civilization.

Time for bitching is over. God damn them all to hell.

Rose said...

I read this while I was on vacation this week, but couldn't post. Just wanted to say, "Amen." They are in the process of blowing the whole thing to hell.

Aurini said...

And yet here we all stand, arguing about non-events like gay marriage, while the edifice around us is eaten by termites. It's kind of funny, watching the discourse on typical Liberal messageboards, when the edge of the cliff is so near.

I wonder if part of the reason for Obama's unprecedented influence is his massive mobilization of the black underclass? Or maybe of the white elites - who doubly hold back on criticizing him, once for his party, and again for his race.

May I suggest that any of you Americans move North, here to Canada? Things aren't as bad here, though the US's collapse will hit everybody hard.