Saturday, September 11, 2010

Islam is War. Accept Reality. Then Eradicate Islam.

News flash: Islam is war. Jihad is the duty of all muslims. They won't stop until they have been reduced to rubble -OR- have conquered you and raped your wife and children (“it’s in the Koran!”).
The Curmugeon Emeritus says:
(h/t PolyKahr)
Just in case you've napped away the past thirty years, there's a war on. No, not in Afghanistan, and certainly not in Iraq. The war of which your Curmudgeon speaks is the stealth jihad of which Robert Spencer and others have so eloquently warned us: the ongoing, loosely organized Islamic campaign to demoralize the nations of the West so that shari'a, Islam's law code, can penetrate our lands and eventually displace our native arrangements. That campaign uses Western "tolerance" toward religious differences to disarm our resistance to Islam's advance.

But Islam is not a religion. It's a totalitarian ideology with a few theological trimmings. If you're aware of its prescriptions, its proscriptions, and its record when in the saddle, you cannot sincerely disagree. If not, you need to complete your education before allowing yourself an opinion on the subject.


One does not fight a war by conciliating the enemy. No, not even a war of ideas, insofar as Islam can be considered an idea to be assessed objectively and rationally. In a war successfully concluded, there can only be victory and defeat. Inasmuch as Islam has defined itself as a war creed unalterably opposed to all others -- read the Koran if you don't believe your Curmudgeon on that score -- our choice is to prosecute the war to victory, or to meekly accept defeat.
Everyone knows- Mohammed was a psychopath who started a totalitarian culture of brutality that is incompatible with reality.
And now it is time for islam to be extinguished, like other vicious tribal insanities.

PolyKahr points out that we don't have a choice,
We have been at war with these people since the day Mohammad founded his crazy "faith." We are at war whether we want to be or not, whether we recognize it or not, whether we are prepared or not. There can be no peace with these people. Islam is an implacable enemy, who will not stop. That being the case, I think burning some Korans is not a bad idea. Not a bad idea at all. Throw in some copies of Mein Kampf while you're at it.
There will be much commotion and crying and gnashing of teeth.
But exposure to Western freedoms is killing Islam. Islam is dying, and they know it.

Sure they cause some trouble, like the KKK or MS-13 or Mexican Drug Cartels. But they are brutal thugs and will be put down as thoroughly as the KKK, and the SS.
America, the West, and Liberty triumphs over pedophiles, rapists, slavers, wifebeaters, and thugs.


It is inevitable, so we may as well start talking about it . . .

Sophia Church? Cordoba Cathedral? City of Constantinople? Buddist statuary in Afghanistan?
Temple Mount can erase the mohammedan eyesore and restore the Temple.
Destruction and then building on rubble is an Islamic philosophical schwerpunkt, and therefore a vulnerability, and therefore a necessity.

Here's an updated map of Mecca, outlining plans for the “Kaaba Cathedral”. “Sister Mary’s Convent, and Women’s Shelter” is around the corner. The “Karbala BBQ” is across the street, next to “Mo’s Bar & Grill” and the “Haram-a-Burger” joint. The “Ayisha Massage Parlor” is just down the street.
The pig farms occupy most of the rest of the town. NASCAR Track to the northeast.

Yankee ingenuity, to build something useful on the rubble of Mecca.

By the way, the Pork-Rinds at “Mo’s Bar & Grill” are excellent. And try the Bacon Cheeseburger !
And...for private parties you can book the exclusive "Goat Room" at the "Ayisha Massage Parlor".  (h/t Birk)

Mecca & Medina ? ?    Oh Hell no !

Mecca re-named: The City of Sobeiski.
Medina re-named: The City of Martel.

Sobeiski & Martel.   Has a nice ring to it!
[ And helps us remember 11 September 1683, when Islam got uppity and needed it's ass kicked outside Vienna. ]

We need to find a City worthy of the name Holger Danske.

Never forget the perpetual victims of this sick cult, 1400 years worth.
Light a pyre every 9/11 in remembrance of recent victims and in remembrance of the victory at Vienna.

Grow a pair.                                                             Then do what men do to protect the women and children.


May we re-discover the will to live, and accept that war has come to us, that makes us the latest target of 1400 years of slaughter. May we accept our grim duty and methodically wipe out the mental illness that is islam; branch, stem, and root.



Rose said...

At this point I am in favor of eradicating this religion. The moderates and good people have not stood up to say NO to the radicals, and the crimes are ongoing and egregious.

No human kills their wife, mother, or daughter for talking to another human being. Any religion that sanctions the killing of women and innocents has to go.

Dennis308 said...

Nice squirrel ya got there Sofa.

I am a Infidel and will not conver to their God forsaken cult.

They may Try to Kill me but I do shoot back.


Dennis308 said...

PS That should en-flame them. Snik Snik.


Anonymous said...

Here's an eye-opener, if you dig the bible:

sofa said...

Hello angry muslim commenters!

There is a 'western civilization filter' in use, so your comments do not get through.

Fear not: The survivors can comment in person, when the Crusade comes to Mecca and Medina.