Sunday, September 12, 2010

Victory Over Evil

from Daniel Greenfield, over at Family Security Matters
... We do not need to feel guilt for what we have, only guilt for forgetting why we have it. Because generation after generation fought challenges of every sort to win it for us. And if we allow ourselves to forget or to imagine that those challenges were only in the past, we throw away what they fought so hard to gain for us. Not mere wealth, but freedom.

9/11 was not only a call to arms, but a call to awareness. The awareness that what we have is not free, it must be paid for in generation after generation. There is no final victory and no permanent armistice. As long as human evil endures in the world, so long we must be prepared to fight against it. The latest phase of a very old war has come again. We can be uplifted by the struggle against it, or destroyed by the submission to it. The choice is ours. The consequences of that choice however will follow us across generations and to the end of time.
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Dr. Candace de Russey writes
America awakens.

Once again we remember and honor those who perished in the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. And we stand eternally grateful before those who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe from further attacks and other dangers.

But something new and extraordinary commingles with commemoration on this ninth anniversary of the attacks. One senses a heightened public understanding of Islam, and in particular its dark – theocratic and jihadist – side. Add to that deep fear that our appeasement-minded political and opinion leaders are causing us to lose the war against Islamic radicals who attack us in the name of their religion and against those in our midst who practice “stealth jihad.”


For twenty years Americans have been slaughtered by Islamists, spilled blood and treasure for Islamic peoples, and accepted the building of thousands of mosques, even though, McCarthy explains, they have been used to violent ends against us. All the while, we have been labeled as intolerant victimizers.

On 9/11/10 many Americans are indicating they have had enough.
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The more we come to know islam, the more we understand 1400 years of "ring of fire" data, and accept that islam is a rabid dog.
It is time to put down the rabid dog, or be destroyed by it.
The sooner this comes to a head, the better it is for our side.



Col. B. Bunny said...

No country was able to escape the normal exposure to political and cultural realities more than ours. For 60 years, arguably even 110, we've been insulated by affluence and government either reasonably under control or able to be funded out of our productive economy unchallenged by a war-ravaged world after WWII.

We've bred generations of flower children who believe drivel and won't fight for what they've inherited.

sofa said...

agree. Weakness draws fights to us.
Hopefully, enough wake up and man up.