Thursday, January 13, 2011


Grenadier1 defines a useful new unit of measure here (in comments):
A Douchal is a unit of measure it is equal to an entire bushel of Douches
A "Douchal" (doosh-ul) is a useful measure when it's time to feed the hogs.
By volume, one bushel of "Douchal" is roughly 1.24445663 cubic feet, about 9.3 gallons, and weighs about 77.16 lbs.

For many more Douches, use a larger unit of volume: A "FurDouchalong" (fur-douchal-long) is a Furlong (660 ft) of bushel baskets of Douches.

Example sentence: Congress is a "FurDouchalong".
100 Senators
435 Representatives
5 Delegates
1 Resident
541 Douches, at one per bushel basket (but extending well over the top of a physical bushel basket).

As a unit of measure, by volume, ground up, a rough first estimate is 660 linear ft of bushel baskets of Douches, or one "FurDouchalong".

(someone, please check my math)


Now a Bushel is 17" diameter. So there are only 466 bushel baskets per 660 linear ft (one furlong).

The volume of each bushel is roughly 1.24445663 cubic feet.

466 bushels volume equates to roughly 580 cubic feet.

At roughly 62 lbs per cubic foot, a "FurDouchalong" weighs about 35,946 pounds!

Divided by 541, that equates to only 66 lbs per Legislator.

Using a more realistic 170 pounds average weight, it is estimated that Congress is two and a half (2.5) FurDouchalong.
Add in some porkulous and the average weight goes up. And they sure are dense.

So we see that Congress is too "FurDouchalong".


Spread out as a paste, the "FurDouchalong" would be 660 ft long by 17" wide by 7.44” tall. Deep Doo-Doo. Don’t step in it!

Another example of volume: In a 1,000 ft radius, we have 3,141,592 square feet, or just over 72.12 acres! A “FurDouchalong” would be spread to a depth of .0022 inches, .056mm, to cover the entire 1,000 ft radius. This is smaller than “small” raindrops (about .02 inches, .5mm per small drop). So a “FurDouchalong” would cover a 1,000 ft radius in a ‘thin mist’.


The “Douchal” proves itself as a useful measure.

The ‘english’ measure of “FurDouchalong” has some uses, also, when measuring large volumes.

The “EuroDouchal” (you’re-a-douchal) is the metric unit, defined as exactly 1,000 “Douchals”; roughly 10% larger than two of the english “FurDouchalong” (similar to kilograms vs pounds).

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