Saturday, January 15, 2011

First&Last Big Test of GOP

Poll: 71% of Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling. Will the GOP Congress vote against a super-majority of Americans, like the Dems before them?

The debt ceiling has been raised 10 times in 10 years, 71 times since 1940, ALWAYS for "The Last Time"TM, "We Promise".

71% against. The debt ceiling could be "the 3rd Rail":  The country is outraged and tired of being raped. The GOP was voted into majority to STOP THIS RAPE.

The GOP needs to roll up their sleeves and show they can DO SOMETHING.

Whoever stands up to stop this, will be our next President.  If no one stands up- Then who cares who is President, really?

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Zero Hedge has a post here. (read the comments)
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Rand Paul article here.
How will your Congressman vote?


pollswhobelievesem said...

Bull, after a lot of blustering and posturing the limit will raised once again. The Dems are already for raising it, and so is the U. S. Chamber of Congress. So, in the end, there's no way the Reps are going to buck the Chamber and risk biting the hand that feeds them. After a lot of hand wringing and lip service to the cause, they'll fall in line and pass it.

As for this poll you put so much stock in, it's just a pile and the politicians know it. Yeah, in the polls the public says they are against raising the ceiling, but they actually aren't. What they really mean is that they would be in favor of it, but only if it effects the other guy and not them. You know how that goes, all my subsidies and bennies are worthwhile, but yours are nothing but pork.

So, after some token spending cuts to programs that have no lobbyists. The ceiling will be raised once again and the politicians will simply explain to the voters why they ABSOLUTELY had to vote for it to protect THEM from the horrors of default. We'll buy it and the pols will experience little if any fallout from the voters. And we'll all go back to blaming the other side for any problems that might arise.

sofa said...

Yup. It's what I expect also.
Both Dem & GOP addicted to the ability to print money.
The GOP talked the talk to get elected, and will now turn their backs, yet again, on fiscal responsibility.

Two wings of the same party.

But they will not be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.